Download Luz Sans fonts for free

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Luz Sans Sample

Luz Sans is a popular font which is very similar to the classic Futura. It can be used as a Futura substitute or alternative.

Luz Sans font family was produced by type foundry Hoefler and is the corporate font of HP. So you can guess it is a quality font! Check the high quality free Futura and Helvetica alternatives post for more information.

Update: It turns out that this font is not free and that it was mislabelled in the package. More information
The package contains these weights:

LuzSans-Bold • LuzSans-BoldItalic • LuzSans-Book • LuzSans-BookItalic • LuzSans-Heavy • LuzSans-HeavyItalic • LuzSans-Light • LuzSans-LightItalic • LuzSans-Medium • LuzSans-MediumItalic

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    peace and love

  3. park says:

    정말 너무 좋은 폰트 입니다. 다운 받을 수 있게 해주세요

  4. Efi says:

    How I can download this font?

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    nice font

  7. bill says:

    where is the link for the download?

  8. jason says:

    Good job!

  9. me says:

    Where’s the link??

  10. Donna Ilagan says:

    really great on leaflets

  11. gerardo says:

    Ey guys! The link is here: Update: It turns out that this font is not free and that it was mislabelled in the package. MORE INFORMATION. Click on “more information”.

    thanks for the font, really helped me.

  12. KAMINA says:

    wah wah

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    Good !!!

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    Where’s the link.

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    Thanks !

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