view live is promoting a software which processes 3D scan data. It is fairly complex, including plenty of custom-designed subpages. The start page leads the user to the most important parts of the site, like the “get trial” and target group pages. Images and call to action buttons support this target.

The different areas where the software can be used are presented in a slide show. It doesn’t use Flash, which means it is compatible with mobile devices (iPhones etc). and doesn’t hog users' processor power.

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A list of available case studies demonstrates how the software can be used.

Filters allow the user to view only the items which are relevant to them. They can also be restricted to show only items with videos or 3D models.

The list is generated automatically, so if a new case study is created, there is no need to add it to the list manually.

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The case studies show how the product can be used in particular tasks. Each one is broken down in several tabs, making the information consumable while still easily usable. 3D models and videos are presented in an additional tab.

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The site has a custom built blog-like news system which allows news and events being easily published. Overview pages present them in an accessible way.

Individual events have their own registration forms, and in addition the latest posts also appear on the start page.

view live presents cards and paintings created by an artist from Devon, UK. This minimalistic site puts the focus on the slideshow containing the artist's work. The cards can be purchased with a PayPal Shopping Cart.

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The contact page is a convenient and spam-proof way to get in touch with the owner of the page. In addition, the user will be sent a copy of the sent message.

This icon set was created for the use in the 3D scan data processing software ScanIP.

The software icons are used for buttons triggering various operations, the mouse cursors when moving, scaling or rotating 3D elements, and the file icon is used for the .exe file of the software installer. The file icon features versions with different dimensions which contain different levels of detail.

view live

This is the myspace site of Duo Lindgruen, a band playing acoustic unplugged songs using kitchen equipment as musical instruments. The site uses a hand-made style, featuring hand-drawn textures and organic material.